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From the design to the installation of plants for the concrete, our market has expanded.

Electrical panel

An electrical panel is a part of an electrical system, downstream of a distribution circuit.  

Silos of security systems

The safety of the silos guarantees its maximum final functioning.

Dispensers for additives systems

The dispensers for systems have been made in two variants: liquids and powders.

Moisture control

Our humidity sensors allow us to guarantee the control of the service we offer to the end customer.

Spare parts

Elettro Sigma provides an after-sales service for spare parts for concrete mixers, plants and mixers.


We provide a series of services for the testing and installation of plants for dry concrete and mixing.

Recycling system - CRW

Elettro Sigma provides these two services for the recycling of concrete.


The customization includes special projects made on request by customers such as wood, iron and cereals.

Concreto touch

Elettro Sigma provides a configuration system with PLC and touch PC for the management of systems.


Elettro Sigma provides a system for analyzing electricity consumption for industrial plants.


GAP is a software solution for accessing any access point of your construction sites with RFID technologies.
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