Hydro Control VI

Hydro-Control VI is an independent entity designed for humidity control in cement production. The device can be connected to a mix control unit through an RS232 serial connection, to allow the transfer of the data relating to the mix cycle and for the selection of the remote recipe. You can use a USB memory stick to update the unit.
Designed for maximum ease of use and integration, the color display clearly indicates the status of the mix cycle through the continuous graphic display of the moisture content. The touch screen interface completes the appearance and intuitive perception of the unit.
The possibility to choose between different ways of adding water ensures optimal performance for any recipe.
  • supports the addition of weighed water
  • direct replacement for Hydro-Control V units
  • sensed 8.4 "color LCD touch screen
  • compact and powerful, suitable for all mixing applications
  • direct communication: connections to Hydronix humidity sensors for mixers
  • improved dough information, allowing you to perform detailed dough analysis

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