Hydro-Mix HT

Hydro-Mix HT has been designed for installation in drying systems, transport in pipes, conveying and mixing in process-controlled environments characterized by high operating temperatures.
Thanks to 25 readings per second and integrated functions, such as signal processing, smoothing and averaging, Hydro-Mix HT accurately measures the moisture content of the material as it passes over the ceramic surface.
Using the Hydronix Hydro-Com software simplifies remote configuration, calibration, diagnostics and firmware updates. The linear output allows direct integration with any control system that uses standard industrial interfaces.
  • process temperature continues up to 120
  • temperature compensated measurement
  • constant performance without the need for recalibration, except in case of material change
  • advanced digital signal processing provides a clear signal with fast response
  • digital technology ensures linear and accurate humidity measurement with 25 readings per second
  • possibility to choose between various measurement modes to optimize sensor performance based on different types of materials and applications

Hydro-Mix HT can be installed in the most different positions, as long as there is a constant flow of material on the ceramic surface, i.e. in drying systems, conduit transport, conveying and mixing.

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