Hydro Mix VIII

Hydro-Mix VIII is a durable sensor, designed for microwave moisture detection, with recessed mounting for slides, mixer bottoms or conveyors in process control environments.
Thanks to 25 readings per second and integrated functions, such as signal processing, smoothing and average calculation, Hydro-Mix VIII measures with extreme precision the moisture content of the material passing on the ceramic surface.
Using the Hydronix Hydro-Com software simplifies remote configuration, calibration, diagnostics and firmware updates. The linear output allows direct integration with the control system using industry standard interfaces.
  • temperature compensated measurement
  • digital signal processing provides a clear signal with fast response
  • two anological outputs, digital RS485 communication and configurable digital inputs / outputs and alarms
  • digital technology provides linear and accurate humidity measurement with 25 readings per second
  • the remote communication functions with the Hydro-Com software allow the configuration of all the sensor parameters
  • possibility to choose between various measurement modes to optimize sensor performance based on different types of materials and applications


All types of fixed bowl, horizontal shaft and belt mixers. Also suitable for installation in screw conveyors, chutes and recessed applications. For rotary bowl mixers, the use of the Hydro-Probe Orbiter sensor is recommended.

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