Hydro-Probe IV

Hydro-Probe IV is a durable microwave sensor for moisture detection, designed for mounting in containers, silos and conveyors in process control environments.
Thanks to 25 measurements per second and integrated functions, such as signal processing and average calculation, Hydro-Probe IV measures the moisture content of the material flowing on the ceramic surface with extreme precision.
Using the Hydronix Hydro-Com software simplifies remote configuration, calibration, diagnostics and firmware updates. The linear output allows direct integration with the control system using industry standard interfaces.
  • temperature compensated measurement
  • digital signal processing provides a clear signal with fast response
  • constant performance without the need for recalibration, except when using other materials
  • two analog outputs, digital RS485 communication and digital inputs / outputs and configurable alarms
  • digital technology provides linear and accurate humidity measurement with 25 readings per second
  • the remote communication functions with the Hydro-Com software allow the configuration of all the sensor parameters
Hydro-Probe IV offers different installation possibilities to adapt to all types of container and to applications on conveyors. This ensures that the sensor measures the most representative sample of the material.

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