Hydro-Probe XT

Hydro-Probe XT is a durable microwave moisture measurement sensor designed for use in fluid materials such as wheat, animal feed, nuts, legumes, oils and other organic and agricultural materials.
The sensor includes the exclusive Hydronix digital measurement technique. This allows you to choose from a wide range of measurement modes allowing the user to select the most appropriate one based on the measured material and the required accuracy. The sensor is pre-optimized for wheat and animal feed but can be easily reconfigured for other materials using Hydro-Com software.

  • not affected by dust or color
  • identical sensor characteristics
  • average calculation, "empty silo" and "high humidity / low humidity" alarms
  • digital technology provides linear and accurate humidity measurement
  • simple or independent installation in a new or existing automation system
  • possibility to choose between various measurement modes to optimize sensor performance based on different types of materials and applications

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