Hydro-View IV

Hydro-View allows you to view the configuration, calibration and measurement data of up to 16 sensors. The main page can contain 1, 2 or 4 areas, each of which can be configured to display trends or numerical values ​​of the measurements relating to any connected sensor.
Hydro-View stores multiple material calibrations for each sensor; this allows a rapid recalibration in case of change of the measured material. The intuitive multi-point calibration feature allows you to calibrate the sensor easily and accurately.
Hydro-View can be integrated into a new control system or an existing system to add the benefits of multi-point calibration to it.
  • displays the values ​​of up to 4 sensors
  • configuration of all sensor parameters
  • intuitive 4.3 "color LCD touch screen
  • can display the trend graph or numerical values
  • the database can store different material calibrations
  • easy calibration of materials based on multiple points for maximum precision

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