Water purification

The WRS (Water Recycled System) system definitively solves the problem of the excess of water deriving from the washing of concrete mixers, pumps, mixers and buckets.
Thanks to this system, in addition to regulating by reducing the sludge to dry dough, the waters can be reused for multiple applications instead of discharging them, as they no longer contain suspended solids.

The operation of the WRS (Water Recycled System) system performs these functions:
  • dirty water is pumped into the press filter through an HPT pump;
  • the auger or the sieve recover the washed aggregates which are then ready to be reused;
  • dirty water is stored in an external tank and kept in agitation by the agitator;
  • the trucks / concrete mixers are washed and the residue is discharged into a separating auger or draining screen;
  • the filter press retains all the solids, producing dry sticks with residual humidity lower than 20%, and returning clean water to the production cycle.
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