Our goal is to ensure the maximum possible operation and in case of problems our expert service will be there to help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.
Do you need support? We are happy to help you!
Luca Bilato: +39 0442 642384 - 212
Luca Camon: +39 0442 642384 - 218

Support service is available every day during business hours!

We are happy to help you with your requests everytime!
The service is free for all systems under warranty and in the start-up phase. Over 12 months warranty, by signing a support and/or maintenance contract, which you can request from:

eng. Massimo Bologna
phone: +39 0442 642384 - 209

Here you can see a proposal of the service:
Elettro Sigma offers an support service given today's needs for rapid supply of the material, therefore we guarantee products that are always available for after-sales service and to reduce customer downtime as much as possible.
Our products have a one-year warranty and delivery takes place within 2/4 days of receiving the order for all items in the warehouse, while for urgent deliveries they can be agreed with our representatives.

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Augmented Reality Remote Support

Given the situation we are experiencing due to the Corona Virus, Elettro Sigma has decided to offer assistance through an augmented reality program and remote control from the phone
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